Like a phoenix, Espressoholic reopens

espressoholic_wellingtonEspressoholic, the darling of Wellington’s clubbers, shoppers and passionate lovers of white chocolate cheesecake, has finally reopened! After being dealt a body-blow by their landlord (who kicked them out and gave the old location and staff to his daughter) they are at a new location on Cuba Street, where Dorothy’s used to be.

So, what’s changed? What’s new? Should we boycott the daughter’s place, Enigma? Read on!

So great was the shock that Espressoholic was  closing it even hit the national press. Espressoholic was loved for its good coffee, awesome iced coffee (reviewed on this blog) and great range of cakes and food. It was also open all hours and had some funky decor and a wonderfully (?!) seedy back yard area for all the smokers. They were given one months notice by their landlord after being in the location for 18 years. Even paying over market rates for their rent ($185,000/yr) was not enough to save them.

Why were they booted out? We’ve not heard much, only that the daughter of the landlord was given the location and allowed to set up her own cafe. She seems to have managed to grab some of the staff, recipes and kept the decor much the same. The only big change is the name, Enigma.

So, in a case which seems as close to corporate theft as one can imagine, Espressoholic was out on its ear, Enigma in. But don’t fear! Espressoholic is open again on Cuba Street and its new location is great.

Other than the location not much has changed, and a few things have improved. For one, the toilet and outdoors area are tidier and appear cleaner (probably just because they are freshly painted). The seating area has the same comfortable booths and the lovely tile floor, a hangover from Dorothy’s, has been wisely left as a stylish feature.

It appears the chef has changed as the chocolate silk cake doesn’t look quite the same and the white chocolate cheesecake, while still tasty, is a little different (lots of ginger in the base, bit too much for my liking so best to eat separately!).

We haven’t delved deeper into the range of foods or drinks, but what we saw looked as nice as it was in the old place and the menu is still rich and varied. So, if you haven’t been, go have a look and support Espressoholic in its new owners. As for Enigma. Hmmmm.


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