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Ice Coffee Round-up!

Laura and I love a good icy drink at our favourite cafes, and as summer is coming (one day!) it’s time to look at where in Wellington you can get a great ice coffee! In this review we cover six popular cafes and give you the low-down on which serves the best ice coffee!

Parade Cafe

Parade Cafe Ice Coffee

Cost: $5.50
Rating: 7.5/10
Comment: Tastes good, but expensive!

Peter : The Parade Cafe is a great spot on Wellington’s waterfront. On a fine day it’s a pleasant walk from the centre of town and after a coffee or a bite to eat you can enjoy a stroll along the harbour (and end up having an ice cream at Kaffee Eis, Bonus!). Parade Cafe is known for its good food and great patio space, so we thought it a good idea to examine their ice coffee in detail. Continue reading