In Memorium..Wakefield Market

Laura: Sad but of 28 October ’07, Wakefield Market is closed for good. The building is going to be made into a fancy apartment by Watermark, and I guess Wakefield Market just doesn’t fit Watermark’s image…

Brief news on the food stalls’ owners’ plans: I spoke to the people from Lion King stall, about their plans for the future, and they are going to take a break for now, at least for this year. However, they are looking for a place to open up their own restaurant, under the same name of course, but this won’t happen until next year at least. As for the Japanese food stall, the owner is thinking of opening up her own place too, but this is not certain yet. The guy who cooks at the Chinese food stall (next to the bubble tea stall) is going to become the cook at Asian Kitchen, which is located at Victoria St. I wish I had more info about the other food stalls, but I was just too busy feeling sad, thinking that I wouldn’t be able to have the nice Singapore Fried Noodle and Mee Hoon Goreng from Lion City any more!

On their last week, I went to Wakefield Market on Thursday, Saturday and Sunday, and willingly waited for 1 hour for my food. *sigh* what I do for good food! Crazy I know but I loved the food at Lion City so much. Anyway if you have any info on the other food stalls’ plans or if you know anything more than what I have stated here, please update me.

Thank you Wakefield Market for providing me with good food for the past nine years (that’s how long I’ve been living in Wellington). Farewell to you, and I do wish the food stalls owners luck with whatever they’re planning to do in the future.

Right, I better stop being so cheesy now..That’s it from me, feel free to write comments about Wakefield Market here and don’t be afraid of being cheesy!!!!

Peter: Don’t worry folks. I’ll give Laura a biiiggg hug to keep her smiling!


7 comments so far

  1. Georgie on

    Where oh where is Tam’s BBQ gone…oh where oh where can it be?

    • TinyPirate on

      We don’t think it’s open any more. But if you’re looking for great roast and BBQ pork you should really go to HK BBQ just up from the Embassy theater. Their roast pork is simply the best I’ve had, anywhere (and I’ve had roast pork in Hong Kong!).

  2. Mike on

    I just discovered yesterday that the guy who cooked at the Chinese food stall (next to the bubble tea stall) is now the chef at Maxim Cafe on Willis Street. All the old dishes are on the menu, including his amazing BBQ pork and rice! I know a lot of people have been having withdrawal symptoms from the lack of his food… Time for a fix I think 🙂

    • chocolala on

      Are we talking about the stall on the left or right? The one on the left was the one with the guy with this hm…”unique” voice. Earlier this year, I found that this guy worked for Asian Kitchen at Victoria St..which I would not recommend at all, been there several times, eacth time I thought..oh well I’d give it another go, but every time I always came out feeling dissapointed..not just a bit dissapointed but very very dissappointed..
      To be honest, the only food that I liked from the guy with the unique voice is the bbq pork and chili, apart from that, I think his food was just average..nothing special.
      But anyway..thanks for letting us know, I’ll definitely give Maxim Cafe a go 🙂

  3. Mike on

    Yeah, that’s the guy. I never went to Asian Kitchen, so can’t comment on that. I haven’t tried his other dishes as I always just get the pork and chili 🙂 Smaller servings than at the original market… and it comes with salad!? Still can’t go wrong for a $9 meal.

  4. KathyH on

    Am coming down to Wellington for a day trip next week, any body knows if the Lion City people has opened their own place anywhere? Would love to finally get my hand on their mee goreng again.

    • chocolala on

      Hi Kathy, sorry just managed to reply t this post now, babies are keeping us very busy!
      I heard the Lion City people have decided not to open anymore. They’ve decided to retire so they can spend more time with their grandson =)
      But the next time you come down to Wellington again, try mee goreng from KK, they’re just as good I think =)

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