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The Ambeli

Laura: Pete is one of the most difficult people in the world! I had difficulties trying to find him a birthday present, so after much consideration and lots of thinking, I decided to take him to a nice dinner. After doing some research on many restaurants in Wellington, I finally decided on The Ambeli. I’ve read reviews about this restaurant, and none of those reviews were bad, and it made me so curious, I just had to try it myself. Ok..ok..treating Pete to a nice dinner maybe sounds like an excuse now since I was the one who was curious about the restaurant, but hey in the end, Pete and I had a nice evening and my curiosity was satisfied! Continue reading


In Memorium..Wakefield Market

Laura: Sad but of 28 October ’07, Wakefield Market is closed for good. The building is going to be made into a fancy apartment by Watermark, and I guess Wakefield Market just doesn’t fit Watermark’s image…

Brief news on the food stalls’ owners’ plans: I spoke to the people from Lion King stall, about their plans for the future, and they are going to take a break for now, at least for this year. However, they are looking for a place to open up their own restaurant, under the same name of course, but this won’t happen until next year at least. As for the Japanese food stall, the owner is thinking of opening up her own place too, but this is not certain yet. The guy who cooks at the Chinese food stall (next to the bubble tea stall) is going to become the cook at Asian Kitchen, which is located at Victoria St. I wish I had more info about the other food stalls, but I was just too busy feeling sad, thinking that I wouldn’t be able to have the nice Singapore Fried Noodle and Mee Hoon Goreng from Lion City any more! Continue reading