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Wellington Wine and Food Festival – 2008

Peter: Laura and I went to the Wine and Food festival (early 2008) looking forward to a great day of checking out all sorts of boutique nibbles and hopefully getting some freebies and some fun food ideas. Well, we got a good selection of nibbles, and I let the wine tastings get the better of me, but it was a bit short of the freebies one might expect from the $20 cover charge!

Laura signs up for freebies!Laura: (she’s slack, tell her off, nothing from Laura!)

Peter: The variety of stalls was not too bad I thought, but you would want to really like dips to find all of the taste tests exciting. There were a hell of a lot of pestos and garlicky mushes to try, that’s for sure! While this was all well and good, I couldn’t help thinking that this show must make an extremely large amount of cash for the organises. On the one hand you have stall holders forking over cash to turn up and then you’ve also got all of the visitors paying $20 a shot to get in. For this $20 a head the punter doesn’t get much other than a chance to try things out and maybe some cheap deals on some goods they probably didn’t need.

But, it was a nice way to spend a half-day and we (Adri, Laura and I) did have fun, so that’s ok. We also got some cheap deals on booze, so I made up for the entry cost that way! I think it was all of the wine tasting I did, must have gone to my head because we walked away with a few bottles of booze! In particular, a couple of bottles of desert reds, a lovely bottle of limoncello, some beer, and another bottle or two of wine!

Laura: (she’s slack, tell her off, nothing from Laura!)

Peter: Well, even thought I did buy some wine, perhaps too much wine, I wasn’t overly impressed with the wines we tried there. There was a wine club that was flicking off 6 wines for $66, which isn’t a bad deal at all, but Laura and I tried all of the wines and didn’t like any of them. It felt like they were trying to get rid of stock that wasn’t selling and that didn’t really give me any particularly positive feelings about the group! Oh well, what do I know, I’m not much of a wine expert!

Laura: (she’s slack, tell her off, nothing from Laura!)

Peter: Apologies it took so long to post this! I’m going to try and make sure we blog more often!