Wakefield Market

Wakefield MarketLaura: When I first came to NZ, many years ago, my parents’ friends brought me to this food hall market. From the outside the market looks old and a bit run down. There was only a small sign of the place which indicated that they sell food in there, unlike now, where they have a big sign saying ethnic food stalls. When you enter the place, you can smell food, glorious food!! well Asian food mostly…The smell that will stick on you if you stay for a bit too long, and that’s one thing I kinda dislike about this place. I smell like food every time I eat there, but this doesn’t stop me from going, the food they sell is good!

Peter: I’d only ever walked through the Wakefield Market (it’s opposite my flat) but never stopped and eaten there. It was Laura who prompted me to stop in this rather odd food hall. Compared to the usual food halls, where everything is fairly uniform and large brands compete for space, the Wakefield Market is small, with little unique stalls providing a good variety of food. The tables and chairs are a mix of styles, and mostly they work too! You’d be forgiven for thinking that the place is dirty, it’s not, it’s just a bit old!

But none of that is important if the food is good, and fortunately, the food is good, and it’s cheap! There’s a range of stalls, from Indian, Malaysian, Singaporean, Chinese, Japanese, Mexican and so on. My favourite is the Japanese stall with it’s “Tama”, and Laura seems quite obsessed with Lion City and their noodles and Grass Jelly Tea!

NoodlesLaura: Lion City has always been my fave since I first landed my feet at this place. It is owned by a very nice couple, I think they’re from Singapore…assuming from the name of the place. I have two fave dishes here, their “Singaporean Fried Noodle “and “Fried Mee Hoon”. What I love about the dishes from Lion City is they really taste like home cooked meals. The dishes are simple, they don’t look fancy, but they taste good! They also have grass Jelly drink, I can’t really explain what it is exactly, all I know is it’s good for you especially when you have a fever, it’s very soothing. They also have very tasty bean curd and soy bean milk, yummm ^_^

TamaPeter: For lunch I find a pile of rice and noodles a little too much, so my favourite place is “Moshi Moshi”, the Japanese stall. There they make something I’d never tried before, tama. Tama is a sort of omelette made out of bean sprouts, egg, milk, flour (I think) and cabbage and a selection of ingredients such as bacon and mushrooms, or corn, or cheese, etc. Served covered with Japanese mayonnaise and BBQ sauce, you end up with a great tasting, light, yet filling snack or meal. And for $5.50, the snack size suits me for lunch perfectly!

Corn ballsLaura: Although every time I go this place I always order something from Lion City, my mum and sis seemed to be more adventurous than me. They’ve tried the Chinese Food stall next to the Bubble Tea stall, their fave is the Mee Goreng. To me, the taste is just ok, but the BBQ pork that goes with it, yummmmm. The best in Wellington I’ll say..well for Asian food anyway. I’ve triedd the Indian food once, the Murtabak was ok, not my fave. If you fancy some roast pork or roast duck, then you gotta try Tam’s BBQ, their meats are just delish. I also fancy the Thai food that’s located right at the Wakefield St entrance.

So one weekend, you should really go to this place and try the ethnic food they have to offer there. They only open weekends, some stalls open on Thursday too from 10-5. Be quick, I heard they’re only going to be there until the end of this year since that development of the nice fancy apartment is going to start soon!!!

Peter: Yup, Laura is right, get stuck in and try it out before they redevelop the place into the swanky new flats and offices that are going in. No doubt the market will not be a part of the completed development, it’s far too random and thrown-together to be part of a new ‘proper’ development, which is a shame. Don’t let the odd look of the place put you off, get stuck in to the food and then enjoy a nice walk along the waterfront, only a stone’s throw away.


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  1. Michelle on

    OMG the Market is going to close??! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. chocolala on

    Yup – if you check out the building there’s a big sign on it about the future development of the place. Be sure to ask your favourite stalls where they plan to go next! – Peter.

  3. Pauline on

    Yes they are closing & the building is coming down by the end of this month.Beautiful old building really.Probably many people who grew up in Welly will have heapsa old memories.

    Whiss!Party on the last weekend we hear.Cheers

  4. Kimberly on

    Will the market be open this weekend? Friday-Sunday 26 October through 28 October?

  5. chocolala on

    Yes, open this weekend we believe.

  6. Paul on

    does anyone know where ‘singapore favourites’ the shop next to the bubble tea place has gone after the markets closed? The guy said he was looking to set up shop in Vivian St.

    • chocolala on

      Hey Paul, if you meant the one with the guy with the “funny” voice, he works for Asian Kitchen at Victoria St now. To be honest I’ve never been a big fans of his food. Apart from the bbq pork and his sambal, the food is pretty average.
      However, if you’re talking about Lion City, it’s the one next to the Indian food stall..I haven’t heard anything about these guys. Before they closed, the female owner told me that she’d like to take a break, and spend time with her grand daughter. Hopefully they’ll open another shop soon, I really miss their Singaporean Fried Noodle and Mee Hoon Goreng. I think their Mee Hoon Goreng is the best in Wellington!

  7. chocolala on

    Singapore favorites? For all I know the shop next to the bubble tea is not ‘Singapore Favorites’, the only Singaporean food there was Lion City which was next to the Indian food stall. If this is what you meant, the owner is going to take a break for a while, then maybe next year he’s going to open up his own restaurant. He’ll put an advertisement on the newspaper if this does happen.
    As for he guy who owns the chinese food stall next to the bubble tea, I heard he’s now working for Asian Kitchen at Victoria St.

  8. Paul on

    Any update on the guy next to the bubble tea place (which was called Singapore favourites). I’m hanging out……

    • chocolala on

      Oops sorry Paul, I was meant to reply to your recent post =P. But yeah haven’t heard anything about the Lion City. I really miss their food!

  9. Georgie on

    Hey! does anyone know where Tam’s bbq has gone? the Pork and Duck soup was my hangover cure! hope they have reopened somewhere!!!

  10. Mike on

    Like a few of the people above, I was a huge fan of the chinese place next to the bubble tea stall (the guy with the funny voice… Kim I think his name is).
    I was VERY happy to discover he is the chef at Maxim Cafe on willis street, and all the old dishes are being sold… including his famous bbq pork and chicken rice.

  11. clint on

    i’ve been in Australia for 2 and a half years after living in Wellington all my life.
    The Wakefield markets was the first agenda to look forward to on the weekend,from the combination seafood noodle soup to chow kuay teow the food there i will always miss,especiaaly the fatty pork chicken and rice mmm.

  12. Jared Kahu on

    Hey is the guy with the funny voice that worked next to the bubble tea shop seriously work at the maxim cafe on willis street, it says its now shut any info on where they have moved too?

    • chocolala on

      Hi Jared, sorry just managed to reply now, babies are keeping us busy!
      Anyway, not sure about where the guy with the funny voice is now. He was working at Maxim Cafe, but the cafe has closed down as well now.
      I haven’t seen him anywhere else, my guess is maybe he’s retiring?

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