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Wagamama’s – still a bit rubbish

wagamamas_wellington1On the back of 2-for-1 vouchers (courtesy of the Wellington Entertainment book) Laura and I, and a few others, headed to Wagamama’s for a meal the other Friday night. Having previously tried the place after it just opened, we thought we should try it out and see if it had got any better since then. Last year our impression was bad, perhaps things had improved in the year since?

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The Ambeli

Laura: Pete is one of the most difficult people in the world! I had difficulties trying to find him a birthday present, so after much consideration and lots of thinking, I decided to take him to a nice dinner. After doing some research on many restaurants in Wellington, I finally decided on The Ambeli. I’ve read reviews about this restaurant, and none of those reviews were bad, and it made me so curious, I just had to try it myself. Ok..ok..treating Pete to a nice dinner maybe sounds like an excuse now since I was the one who was curious about the restaurant, but hey in the end, Pete and I had a nice evening and my curiosity was satisfied! Continue reading

R&S Satay Noodle House

combination-fried-noodle.JPGLaura: I’m starting to think Peter can read minds, mine especially! So freaky…On Sunday, we were thinking on what to have for dinner, we had some places in mind but we couldn’t find a place to park around Courtenay Place. So we tried to think about other places to go to, somewhere that’s not in Courtenay Place. I thought about R&S but I remembered Peter told me that he went there once a while ago and he wasn’t pleased with the food, so I didn’t suggest it. About one minute later, Peter said “hey, why don’t we just go to R&S?”. How freaky was that? The other time was when we went to Oaks. I thought about it first, but I kinda thought nah maybe somewhere closer to Courtenay Place, then Peter suggested it!

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Oaks Satay Noodle House

Beef and meatball noodle soupPeter: Laura and I needed a quick bite to eat before heading out dancing and so we agreed on going to an old favourite, Oaks Satay Noodle House, at the corner of Cuba Mall and Manners Mall. You’ll need to go upstairs to find it, but it’s worth it for a great selection of food at very reasonable prices!

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Bistro Breton for Valentine’s Day

Berry and Icecream Crepe

Peter: For Valentine’s day I decided to surprise Laura and take her to a great French restaurant I heard of, Bistro Breton in Kelburn. I had been assured by a workmate that the place was a very romantic location for a couple such as ourselves, and that the food was excellent, combining rustic Bretonian French dishes with great presentation and taste.

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KK Malaysian – Best Mee Goreng!

mee-goreng.JPGPeter: I love KK Malaysian. Years ago when I was in Wellington studying, around 1999-2000 I discovered the place for the first time. It’s hidden away just off Cuba Street and is small inside. If you plan to eat in, be prepared to wait five or ten minutes for a table. But the wait is worth it! KK has simply the best Mee Goreng in Wellington.

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