Simply Paris – slow but sexy?

Simply Paris, that lovely little cafe on Cuba Street is a great spot for breakfast or lunch and of course, their cakes and pastries are delicious! But what about the service?

We just had brunch there and after hanging around for far too long before being offered a table we then had to wait five minutes for a waiter. Or, more precisely, we gave up after five minutes and went to the counter and ordered. But with cash in hand the question “Do you want to pay now?” seemed a touch redundant. But when it took the lass a couple of minutes to tap four items into the register perhaps I should have taken the hint and sat back down!

Thankfully, the food and drinks were excellent, as usual. My “Moccachino Zesty”, with hints of orange and Ginger was delicious and the bacon and scrambled eggs, spot on.

…Once I got them, that is. For while the bacon ad eggs looked great the toast didn’t come for five minutes, and I like my eggs on my toast.

As for Laura, her French Toast was fairly soggy (although she said she liked it) and there was no sign of the promised banana. Further, the portions for both of us were a little small, in her opinion. I partly agree; while I enjoy fine food as much as the next man, I do believe that brunch, wherever you eat it, should be a filling and satisfying meal. Laura, six months pregnant, could have eaten more!

A word with the waiter indicated he was aware of our meal deficiencies, and the problems would be rectified shortly. Perhaps he could have informed us of this when the meal was presented to us? I would have thought the banana-free “French Toast with Banana” would have been extremely obvious, likewise my eggs on toast. Oh well.

Five minutes later the promised goods were delivered and we enjoyed them with our now-luke warm lunches. That the cafe was also far from snug and warm didn’t help my enjoyment of the food and at we ended up leaving Simply Paris  a little disappointed. To be fair, most cafes in Wellington are bloody cold and make little effort to keep their patrons warm, but while the food is excellent, something is off with the service.

My advice, go there for cakes and coffee (and their excellent bread) but only for brunch if the place isn’t too busy.


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