Crossings Festival – Indian Food!

Crossings Festival - FoodPeter: The Crossings Festival is a yearly celebration of South Asian food and culture held at various places in Wellington. On Saturday, Laura and I went to the TSB Bank Arena where there was the promise of tasty Indian food! We were not disappointed.

Laura: Unlike Peter who’s easily satisfied, I’m actually a little bit disappointed with the festival. Maybe I just didn’t read the flyer thoroughly, but I was expecting there’d be dancing and other things at the festival apart from food. (Although food is my main reason for being there =p). It just felt weird going into TSB Bank Arena, and it was nearly empty. Only 1/4 of the place was filled with food stalls on the half of both sides. And one big stage with band equipment, and about 20 round tables and chairs so people can enjoy the food. I was expecting the festival to be colourful, with lots of activities like how festivals should be, and usually Indian Festival is the most cheerful festival amongst any other festivals.

Peter: I’m not that easily satisfied! Well, anyway, there were a few less stalls than I expected, mostly the place was set up for the concert later that night so there wasn’t a lot of room for food stalls. Even so, there was some great nibbles to try. First I picked up a mango lassi, I love that stuff! It was quite tasty, with a hint of what I think was aniseed. It was a little different, but still quite tasty.

Indian spicey potato ballsNext we tried a fried spicy potato ball that was placed in a bun and lathered with a nice sharp green chutney. It was a nice, strong, sharp taste that we both enjoyed.

Laura: I like the flavour of the green chutney, I think it must be made out of coriander, a bit of green chilli, and a bit of yoghurt or something sour. The green chutney really compliments the fried potato curry. It’s nice but I think it’s still a bit dry, could use a bit more sauce.

kathi kebabPeter: Yeah, more sauce would have been good, but even so, it was nice! Then came the best bite of the day! A delicious construction that went by the name of a kathi kebab. Essentially it is an Indian version of the traditional Middle Eastern kebab, but with a bit of a twist. The flat bread is dipped in egg that has been mixed up with coriander (we thought) and then quickly fried. The bread is then loaded with a chicken curry mix (thick and dark, not watery, thank goodness!) and a little salad and some yoghurt. The bread is then wrapped up and served like a traditional kebab. It was delicious! The bread was distinctly eggy and the meat spicy and tasty in its thick gravy. After we finished our shared kebab, Laura and I wanted more, more MORE! But, we held off, instead, I went and had a chat to the owner about his food.

Laura: I only have one thing to say about Kathi Kebab: DELICIOUS! I really like the taste of the bread dipped in egg. I hope they sell it in Wellington more, it’ll definitely be one of my fave food!

Peter: Turns out Naan Plus, the family selling the Kebab only do events and catering, the gentleman making the stuff explained that he cooked for a hobby as good Indian food was a passion of his. Well, on their suggestion I gave them my email and they promised to mail when they are out and about cooking and catering. I know Laura and I will be keeping a careful eye out for more Kebabs!

Laura eats the curry thingLaura: Next I decided to try this fried dough with a combination of potato curry and lentil curry, I had the option of chosing one curry or combination of both, so I chose both. It looked like curry burger, but instead of using buns they use the crispy fried dough. It’s nice but very messy, and I think the dough was oily and at the same time it’s dry too. After this one I decided that’s it enough Indian food for the day, too much curry and I better stop before I started dancing around like those bollywood actors!

Peter: Aww, I think you might look good in a Sari! But yeah, the curry thing was nice, although I think it would have been so much better if it was hot too. Cold or luke-warm curry can seem a bit heavy! Even so, quite nice, but I agreed, after that it was enough curry for one day. I’m sure we’ll be back next year and definitely we’ll be hunting more kathi kebab in future!


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