Wellington Food Show

Wellington Food Show swagI was so excited when I found out the date for the Food Show (May 2007). I think you will known by now that I’m crazy about food (not good for my figure but well….). But, the Food Show has always been one of my fave events in Wellington. I was so sad when I missed this event last year, so this year I made sure I didn’t miss it. I even made up my mind, I’d go to this thing with or without a companion. And since Pete was away, I was really prepared to go alone. But my friends decided to join me. So on a lovely Saturday, we all went to the Food Show, on empty stomach of course!

We got there around 11.30, the first stall that I saw was Bakels stall, they had some cookies as samples. And boy oh boy, for a gluten free product, it’s great! So great, I even bought the baking mix, let’s just hope it’ll turn out as great as that sample when I bake it. The whole day was just full of eating, from cookies, chocolates from Cadburry and Whittakers, crackers and dips from various vendors, jams, sausages, tea, wine, spices, breakfast bars, cereals/muesli, and many more. It was a pure food heaven.

By the end of the day, I had too much to eat, my tummy was ready to explode (I don’t think that’s possible but that’s how I felt). I bought a bottle of balsamic vinegarette from Prenzel, which is my fave dressing and it’s also nice to be eaten with bread. I also bought Bakels cookie mix, which I will try to make sometimes soon. Strawberry Jam from Annathoth’s which I reckon is one of the best jams ever, it’s not too sweet. Some biscuits, some Mediterranean dips of Sweet chili and cashew nuts (yummyyyyyyy). Green tea from China White Ltd, it’s so refreshing, and not too sweet at all. I also tried the yummy Margarita and Pina Colada from Ice Republic, this is sad but I kept on going back to their stall just to get another sample of Margarita haha.

I highly recommend you food lovers to go to the Food Show next year. Not only is it worth every cent of your money because of all the yummy samples they provided, but also, you get to try some new exciting food that you might have been wanting, but too scared to try. So see you all at the Food Show next year ^_^


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