Aro Cafe

Aro CafePeter: Half way up Aro Valley there’s a nice little cluster of shops, which include Aro Cafe, a great place to stop and watch people go by on a sunny day. Laura and I ended up here after going to the Aro Valley Fair. Fair? Well, more like whatever a few of the locals could scrape off their floor, throw on a table, and stick a price label to. But even if the fair was a bit of a disappointment the cafe turned out to be a nice place to stop and have a bite.

Laura: So much for a fair…I was sooo disappointed when we got to the fair and only found what looked like a small gathering of the people of Aro Valley. It looked like Aro Valley Garage Sale rather than a fair.

But…my disappointment was soon recovered after we found this nice little cafe. The place was buzzing when we got there, we managed to land a table outside. It was quite a warm day, so I was glad we got to sit outside.

Breakfast rollPeter: I had this tasty breakfast panini thing and a latte. The panini contained egg, bacon and some tomato from memory and it was nicely made and quite tasty. It was a reasonable price too, so I think I chose well. The coffee was excellent, and well made by the Barista. I think I’m starting to get a bit snobby when it comes to coffee, I enjoy my coffee well made, that is; not burnt, rich in flavour, well fluffed milk and in a good portion! Thankfully, Aro Cafe delivers and it’s worth a visit. Enjoy sitting out watching people wander past and then perhaps pick up a loaf of bread and a sweet treat from the bakery opposite. An excellent start to any weekend I think!

CalzoneLaura: I decided to try this funny looking pastry thing, which somehow I just can’t remember the name of it. It has chicken and mushroom and cheese filling (at least I remember that bit). When I got my food, I thought the presentation was too plain, not appealing at all. I was expecting they’ll put a little bit of salad on the side, or at least just serve it on a smaller plate. However…..I won’t complain about the taste of it, it’s delicious! Soon after I tasted this weird looking thing (do feel free to tell me if you know the name of it) I forgot about the presentation of the food.

For a small cafe in Aro Valley  it seemed to be doing pretty well. I saw some other food on the menu and display that I’d like to try. So I’m definitely coming back here someday, and I think I’ll do it soon!!


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