R&S Satay Noodle House

combination-fried-noodle.JPGLaura: I’m starting to think Peter can read minds, mine especially! So freaky…On Sunday, we were thinking on what to have for dinner, we had some places in mind but we couldn’t find a place to park around Courtenay Place. So we tried to think about other places to go to, somewhere that’s not in Courtenay Place. I thought about R&S but I remembered Peter told me that he went there once a while ago and he wasn’t pleased with the food, so I didn’t suggest it. About one minute later, Peter said “hey, why don’t we just go to R&S?”. How freaky was that? The other time was when we went to Oaks. I thought about it first, but I kinda thought nah maybe somewhere closer to Courtenay Place, then Peter suggested it!

Peter: I have zee sekret powers! It’s true! Mostly they are to do with eating food faster than Laura. But sometimes I guess a good place to eat before her. I’m either psychic, or we have one-track minds, you decide! Anyway, R&S is a place I used to visit regularly when I was a student but haven’t been to since I got back from the UK. It fell out of favour with me because the decor is a bit sterile (makes me feel cold in there!) and it’s half way up Cuba Street, so outside of my usual food hunting range. But after Laura mentioned it I remembered the food wasn’t too bad and perhaps I should give it another chance. Hence, I suggested it! Don’t tell Laura though, I prefer that she thinks I’m psychic.

Laura: R&S has always been my sister’s fave when she was here, she dragged me there every week, and sometimes she dragged me there twice a week. Anyway, we both decided to have the same meal last night, we both ordered combination fried noodle with extra egg. I only had beef in mine, and Peter had the usual pork, chicken and beef. I don’t mind chicken and beef, but I think the pork makes the dish taste a bit weird. I’ve always loved combination fried noodle, it’s tasty, it’s something I can’t cook at home (well..maybe I can but I’m just too lazy haha), and last night, the taste was just right! They usually serve this dish with chopped small green pickled chilies, nice and sour tasting. Me, being crazy about flavour, I always added a bit of soy sauce, or sometimes I just put it on the saucer and dip the beef on it, and as usual…I added chili powder and those pickled chilies, just to make it spicier.

Peter: Laura made an excellent recommendation. Those eggy noodles were delicious and I even took part in the pickled chilies (best prime a spoon first with a couple of them, then throw on a pile of noodles and so-on). Fantastic! It was one of the nicest noodle dishes I’ve had in a while, well done Laura! She deserves an extra pat on the head for this choice of main.

Laura: My other fave dish at R&S is the Satay Noodle Soup. Let me put it this way, if you like satay and if you like spicy stuff and you’re in the mood to eat something soupy..then this will be the right meal for you. I normally order this dish when the weather is cold. And, as usual, I add all the sauces provided on the table. I put a dash of lemon juice, a bit of pepper, a little bit of soy sauce and lots and lots of chili powder.

I highly recommend this place if you’re looking for good eats, with cheap price and filling. Oh..and try their fried ice cream, it’s yummy. I usually have either ice lemon or ice coffee with my meal, simply delish!


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  1. Michelle on

    YUM!! I just had this on Sunday too! 😀 La… let’s go with the girls again.. we haven’t been there all together in a while.. Hehehe..

  2. Chiqa on

    I bet everytime you eat at R&S, you’ll think of your lovely sister since it’s my FAV place. No matter how often I go there in a week, it still doesn’t get me bored. S4 with extra egg+ice coffee, please…

  3. John-Daniel Trask on

    Been a while since this post was made, Peter mate, it’s time to take Laura out again so you can both post again 😉

    – JD

  4. The First Week « In Media Res on

    […] eat as there were too many choices. In Welly, we tend to rotate among three places to take-aways: R&S Satay Noodle House (C’s favorite), Satay Palace (my preferred choice, right opposite R&S), and Satay […]

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