Oaks Satay Noodle House

Beef and meatball noodle soupPeter: Laura and I needed a quick bite to eat before heading out dancing and so we agreed on going to an old favourite, Oaks Satay Noodle House, at the corner of Cuba Mall and Manners Mall. You’ll need to go upstairs to find it, but it’s worth it for a great selection of food at very reasonable prices!

Beef and vegetable on thick rice noodlesLaura: Oaks has been one of my fave places to go in Wellington. The food is great, the price is very affordable, and so far I’ve never had to wait that long before for my food, no matter how busy they were.

My fave is this beef and vegetable on thick rice noodle and I usually add an extra fried egg on top. I love this dish, it’s tasty and colourful (because of the veggies they use). I usually add a bit of chili powder and chili sauce, and of course salt and pepper for my egg, and I eat the egg last. I also love the fried rice at Oaks, my fave are the combination fried rice and the curry fried rice. Depending on my mood, if I feel like having something spicy then I’ll order the curry fried rice, otherwise, it’ll be the combination fried rice with three types of meat on it, and cashew nuts. The other dish is the chicken on rice, but I usually change the rice into fried rice to make it more tasty.

Peter: I often grab the beef and vegetables with noodles for takeaway, it’s a tasty dish and great value, but this time I thought I would have something I can’t get takeaway. In the end I chose beef and meatball noodle soup, and was quite pleased with what I got. A generous bowl full of noodles and well supplied with meat and meatballs too! The broth was a little boring for my taste, but I understand that that’s a fairly standard feature of noodle soups. Thankfully, Oaks is one of those places which wisely provide a number of sauces on table, so with a slop of soy sauce and chili sauce and the soup was as spicy was I wanted.

Laura: I seriously thought Peter has gone mad when he added hoisin sauce in his soup! I can understand soy sauce, but hoisin sauce? Usually people put hoisin sauce on the side. Hoisin sauce is just like barbecue sauce, so imagine putting that sauce in your soup? However…I have to say, it didn’t taste that bad. It made the soup taste a bit sweet, but still it’s edible. But for me, it was still too sweet for the soup, I prefer it spicy.

Peter: Ha! I am full of surprises. There’s no point in doing what everyone else does! Frankly, I would happily add BBQ sauce to a light broth soup. Yum! Anyway, it was good to have that tasty, simple food and of course, I will be going back there again whenever my needs for cheap noodles need to be met!


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