Bistro Breton for Valentine’s Day

Berry and Icecream Crepe

Peter: For Valentine’s day I decided to surprise Laura and take her to a great French restaurant I heard of, Bistro Breton in Kelburn. I had been assured by a workmate that the place was a very romantic location for a couple such as ourselves, and that the food was excellent, combining rustic Bretonian French dishes with great presentation and taste.

So, on the big day we had a quick drink at the Backbencher in town before heading up to Kelburn. The place was easy enough to find and was attractively laid out. Service was friendly and the menu looked appetizing.

Laura: So much for Pete trying to surprise me, he gave up and told me where we’re going when we were having a drink at Backbencher haha. When we arrived at Bistro Breton, my first impression of the place was it’s such a nice, clean, pretty and cozy place. You know how some “clean” places can make you feel awkward, because it makes the place look formal? But this place was cozy, very romantic, and the lighting was just perfect. They had this guy playing guitar and singing in one corner, which made the of the Bistro romantic, and the waitresses were very friendly.

Sausage Crepe from Bistro BretonPeter: For our entree we agreed to share the pork sausage crepe. It was delicious! A huge savoury crepe with gravy, pork sausage and onions on it. At the side, a little salad. It was a good dish to share and would easily satisfy me for a lunch at another time. The sausage is made locally to the chef’s recipe and was delicious and well suited the rest of the dish.

Laura:I’ve never been an expert on sausages, and I’m a bit fusy when it comes down to meals that use pork as their main ingredients. I think it needs a special skill to cook pork, if one is not careful, pork can be very smelly. But this sausage was just perfect, the flavour was savoury and a little bit spicy. And you can just tell that the sausage is a good quality sausage, not just one of those sausages that you get from the supermarkets or butchers. The buckwheet pancake and the gravy really compliment the dish, I agree with Pete, I’d be happy to have this dish alone as my lunch, the portion of this dish was big enough for an entree.

For main, I ordered steak with potato gratin and gravy. First bite of the beef, I just couldn’t believed how tender the beef was. It was just so tender and juicy. The potato gratin was also delicious. What a great combination, the beef, the potato gratin and the gravy, they really compliment each other.

Lastly, I just had to order dessert. I’m a big dessert fan, and I have to say I was very satisfied with my dessert and Pete’s! hehe. For dessert I ordered Crepe with raspberries, mixed berries sauce and vanilla ice cream. After I finished my dessert I felt like I was in heaven! Great food, great place, great service, great atmosphere. What a way to spend valentine’s day. I highly recommend this place, especially for those whose trying to win a girl’s heart =p


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