KK Malaysian – Best Mee Goreng!

mee-goreng.JPGPeter: I love KK Malaysian. Years ago when I was in Wellington studying, around 1999-2000 I discovered the place for the first time. It’s hidden away just off Cuba Street and is small inside. If you plan to eat in, be prepared to wait five or ten minutes for a table. But the wait is worth it! KK has simply the best Mee Goreng in Wellington.

Mee Goreng is a great Malaysian dish of noodles, chicken (or seafood), tofu, fish cake (or balls), bean sprouts and whatever else is lying around, mixed together with a lovely chilli-cum-soy sauce. Many places make it far too heavy and oily and it comes out a dark brown color and the soy tastes dominate. KK gets the balance perfectly and the result is heaven for anyone who likes noodles. Erm. So to speak.

The end result of all this worship of KK is that Laura and I agreed to eat there again on Sunday night. Laura felt adventurous and ordered something she had never tried before, while I ordered the usual, a medium chicken mee goreng. I know the other dishes are great, the rendang and the curry laksa in particular, but I craved the old reliable!

hokkien-mee.JPGLaura: Just like my “partner in crime” I simply adore KK’s Mee Goreng, I think its just divine. It’s not oily and it’s spicy. However, being an Asian, I have a sharper taste bud when it comes to Asian food compared to Peter (or so I’d like to think). Although I love KK’s mee goreng, I don’t think it’s the best mee goreng, I crave for something more tasteful. KK’s mee goreng is not spicy enough for my liking, and it could do with a little bit more flavour in it. But all in all, I think it’s one of the best I’ve ever tasted in Wellington.

The last time me and Peter went to KK, I decided to try Hokkien Mee. Now I’m not an expert on Hokkien Mee, however, I think that this Hokkien Mee was a bit tasteless. Presentation wise, it was too wet and sloppy and not appealing at all! I know that Hokkien Mee is supposed to be a bit wet, or with gravy on it (at least the ones I’ve tasted were like that), but it was just too wet, and the gravy or sauce was too watery. The taste itself was kinda tasteless. Apart from the sweetness and something else that tasted like garlic or onion, I couldn’t really taste any other flavour. I definetely won’t recommend this dish to anyone, but hey give it a go if you feel brave enough. While you’re at KK, you should try their Hainanese Chicken Rice. My fave is the one with roast/fried chicken, and the garlic & ginger chilli that goes with it really compliment the dish.

Peter: I also thought Laura’s dinner was a bit dull. Watery gravy that mostly seemed to consist of some sort of soy sauce and garlic, and a fairly boring noodles and meat combination. I was actually pretty surprised. KK dishes are usually excellent, but I guess the place can’ t be perfect! In any case, KK’s mee goreng is the best in town! It would take a lot to convince me otherwise!


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