Welcome to our Blog!

Laura and Peter wish to welcome you to their latest online collaboration. We’ve been thinking about setting up this blog for a while and we’ve finally gotten around to it! We’ll be writing about food, drink and our favourite places to enjoy both here in Wellington. There’s so much great eating to be discovered, and we hope you’ll enjoy discovering it with us!


2 comments so far

  1. Adri on

    I have learnt a very valuable lesson tonight and hope not to repeat the same mistake in the future. The lesson is not to read this blog late at night because it will definitely makes your mouth waters hahaha

  2. Dan on

    Good food in Wellington?

    A bizarre and erroneous concept. While possibly living in Auckland gives one, (understandably), high standards, I have yet to be impressed with any eating establishment in Wellington.

    Still I guess you can always make a list and attempt to in the future…

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