Like a phoenix, Espressoholic reopens

espressoholic_wellingtonEspressoholic, the darling of Wellington’s clubbers, shoppers and passionate lovers of white chocolate cheesecake, has finally reopened! After being dealt a body-blow by their landlord (who kicked them out and gave the old location and staff to his daughter) they are at a new location on Cuba Street, where Dorothy’s used to be.

So, what’s changed? What’s new? Should we boycott the daughter’s place, Enigma? Read on! Read more »


Wagamama’s – still a bit rubbish

wagamamas_wellington1On the back of 2-for-1 vouchers (courtesy of the Wellington Entertainment book) Laura and I, and a few others, headed to Wagamama’s for a meal the other Friday night. Having previously tried the place after it just opened, we thought we should try it out and see if it had got any better since then. Last year our impression was bad, perhaps things had improved in the year since?

Short answer, they hadn’t. Read more »

Simply Paris – slow but sexy?

Simply Paris, that lovely little cafe on Cuba Street is a great spot for breakfast or lunch and of course, their cakes and pastries are delicious! But what about the service?

We just had brunch there and after hanging around for far too long before being offered a table we then had to wait five minutes for a waiter. Or, more precisely, we gave up after five minutes and went to the counter and ordered. But with cash in hand the question “Do you want to pay now?” seemed a touch redundant. But when it took the lass a couple of minutes to tap four items into the register perhaps I should have taken the hint and sat back down! Read more »

Wellington Wine and Food Festival – 2008

Peter: Laura and I went to the Wine and Food festival (early 2008) looking forward to a great day of checking out all sorts of boutique nibbles and hopefully getting some freebies and some fun food ideas. Well, we got a good selection of nibbles, and I let the wine tastings get the better of me, but it was a bit short of the freebies one might expect from the $20 cover charge!

Laura signs up for freebies!Laura: (she’s slack, tell her off, nothing from Laura!)

Peter: The variety of stalls was not too bad I thought, but you would want to really like dips to find all of the taste tests exciting. There were a hell of a lot of pestos and garlicky mushes to try, that’s for sure! While this was all well and good, I couldn’t help thinking that this show must make an extremely large amount of cash for the organises. On the one hand you have stall holders forking over cash to turn up and then you’ve also got all of the visitors paying $20 a shot to get in. For this $20 a head the punter doesn’t get much other than a chance to try things out and maybe some cheap deals on some goods they probably didn’t need.

But, it was a nice way to spend a half-day and we (Adri, Laura and I) did have fun, so that’s ok. We also got some cheap deals on booze, so I made up for the entry cost that way! I think it was all of the wine tasting I did, must have gone to my head because we walked away with a few bottles of booze! In particular, a couple of bottles of desert reds, a lovely bottle of limoncello, some beer, and another bottle or two of wine!

Laura: (she’s slack, tell her off, nothing from Laura!)

Peter: Well, even thought I did buy some wine, perhaps too much wine, I wasn’t overly impressed with the wines we tried there. There was a wine club that was flicking off 6 wines for $66, which isn’t a bad deal at all, but Laura and I tried all of the wines and didn’t like any of them. It felt like they were trying to get rid of stock that wasn’t selling and that didn’t really give me any particularly positive feelings about the group! Oh well, what do I know, I’m not much of a wine expert!

Laura: (she’s slack, tell her off, nothing from Laura!)

Peter: Apologies it took so long to post this! I’m going to try and make sure we blog more often!

Ice Coffee Round-up!

Laura and I love a good icy drink at our favourite cafes, and as summer is coming (one day!) it’s time to look at where in Wellington you can get a great ice coffee! In this review we cover six popular cafes and give you the low-down on which serves the best ice coffee!

Parade Cafe

Parade Cafe Ice Coffee

Cost: $5.50
Rating: 7.5/10
Comment: Tastes good, but expensive!

Peter : The Parade Cafe is a great spot on Wellington’s waterfront. On a fine day it’s a pleasant walk from the centre of town and after a coffee or a bite to eat you can enjoy a stroll along the harbour (and end up having an ice cream at Kaffee Eis, Bonus!). Parade Cafe is known for its good food and great patio space, so we thought it a good idea to examine their ice coffee in detail. Read more »

The Ambeli

Laura: Pete is one of the most difficult people in the world! I had difficulties trying to find him a birthday present, so after much consideration and lots of thinking, I decided to take him to a nice dinner. After doing some research on many restaurants in Wellington, I finally decided on The Ambeli. I’ve read reviews about this restaurant, and none of those reviews were bad, and it made me so curious, I just had to try it myself. Ok..ok..treating Pete to a nice dinner maybe sounds like an excuse now since I was the one who was curious about the restaurant, but hey in the end, Pete and I had a nice evening and my curiosity was satisfied! Read more »

In Memorium..Wakefield Market

Laura: Sad but of 28 October ’07, Wakefield Market is closed for good. The building is going to be made into a fancy apartment by Watermark, and I guess Wakefield Market just doesn’t fit Watermark’s image…

Brief news on the food stalls’ owners’ plans: I spoke to the people from Lion King stall, about their plans for the future, and they are going to take a break for now, at least for this year. However, they are looking for a place to open up their own restaurant, under the same name of course, but this won’t happen until next year at least. As for the Japanese food stall, the owner is thinking of opening up her own place too, but this is not certain yet. The guy who cooks at the Chinese food stall (next to the bubble tea stall) is going to become the cook at Asian Kitchen, which is located at Victoria St. I wish I had more info about the other food stalls, but I was just too busy feeling sad, thinking that I wouldn’t be able to have the nice Singapore Fried Noodle and Mee Hoon Goreng from Lion City any more! Read more »

Crossings Festival – Indian Food!

Crossings Festival - FoodPeter: The Crossings Festival is a yearly celebration of South Asian food and culture held at various places in Wellington. On Saturday, Laura and I went to the TSB Bank Arena where there was the promise of tasty Indian food! We were not disappointed. Read more »

Wellington Food Show

Wellington Food Show swagI was so excited when I found out the date for the Food Show (May 2007). I think you will known by now that I’m crazy about food (not good for my figure but well….). But, the Food Show has always been one of my fave events in Wellington. I was so sad when I missed this event last year, so this year I made sure I didn’t miss it. I even made up my mind, I’d go to this thing with or without a companion. And since Pete was away, I was really prepared to go alone. But my friends decided to join me. So on a lovely Saturday, we all went to the Food Show, on empty stomach of course! Read more »

Aro Cafe

Aro CafePeter: Half way up Aro Valley there’s a nice little cluster of shops, which include Aro Cafe, a great place to stop and watch people go by on a sunny day. Laura and I ended up here after going to the Aro Valley Fair. Fair? Well, more like whatever a few of the locals could scrape off their floor, throw on a table, and stick a price label to. But even if the fair was a bit of a disappointment the cafe turned out to be a nice place to stop and have a bite.

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